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Where Will Your TSP Balance Go When You Die?

You work hard for years and save money in your TSP (Thrift Savings Plan) for your retirement from federal service.  If for some reason you die before you retire, or at some point after you retire and there is still money in your TSP account – do you know where it will go?  When you…

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How to Define Federal Retirement Objectives

No matter what age you are or what stage you are at in your career, defining your federal retirement objectives is a critical part of your federal retirement planning.  Sometimes determining how much money you need for retirement can feel like a guessing game.  How can you know what you will need in 20, 30,…

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Federal Retirement – Should You Early Out?

When it comes to retirement from a career working for the federal government, there are a lot of different options.  No two retirements look the same.  People retire at different ages, at different stages of their career, and for a variety of different reasons.  VERA is a term that all federal employees should be familiar…

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3 Tips for TSP Investing

If you are a federal employee, your TSP or Thrift Savings Plan is one component of your retirement benefits provided by the federal government.  The TSP is a defined-contribution retirement savings plan that functions in a similar way that an employee 401k functions in the private sector.  Money can be invested pre-tax or after tax,…

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Contributing Too Much to the TSP Will Reduce Your Match

If you are a FERS employee and you are contributing a significant percentage of your pay to the TSP, this information could save you hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars, in free agency match contributions. As you may know, in 2017 the annual limit on elective deferrals (how much you can contribute in a calendar year)…

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What’s the Real Value of TSP and FERS Annuity?

The majority of federal employees will not retire with a million dollars or more in their Thrift Savings Plan (TSP). In fact, only 1% (varies based on the stock market performance) of federal employees currently have over a million dollars in their TSP.  However, in terms of retirement income there is the potential for federal employees…

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