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There’s certainly no shortage of financial professionals that specialize in retirement planning, however; most don’t understand a federal employee’s complex retirement. That’s where we come in.

Neal Thompson, AIF

President & Advisor

Neal Thompson is the founder of Federal Retirement Services. His primary responsibilities include managing client relationships and helping to lead the firm’s business development initiatives. Neal also develops and sets the vision for the firm.

Neal is recognized as one of the premier retirement planning advisors for the federal employee community. Since 2009 Neal has specialized in the financial and retirement planning needs of federal employees and conducted countless FERS and CSRS retirement workshops.

Tiffany Moerke

Director of Client Services

Tiffany joined Federal Retirement Services in 2019, her dedication throughout her career has ignited her role as the Director of Client Services, where she works along side Neal to provide an enhanced client experience and manages the day to day operations.

She enjoys the sounds of great live music, biking, and outdoor adventures.

Here at Federal Retirement Services, we believe every federal employee deserves access to accurate and reliable information on their retirement.

If you’ve had any difficulty fully understanding your benefits package, you’re not alone and you’ve come to the right place. Our goal is to equip you with the information you need to maximize your benefits and live the retirement you’ve worked long and hard for.

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Don’t Take Our Word For It

Here’s what our clients have to say about working with us.

Contacting Neal was one of the best decisions I made as I approached retirement. During our initial meeting, he provided me with clear, concise, and accurate information on benefits, options, and future income. His guidance was spot on!

Bill B.

Neal is extremely knowledgeable about the intricacies of federal retirement, yet still able to explain matters at our level – which allows us to have fun and enjoy being retired!

Kari M.

The hour I spent with Neal Thompson on my free retirement consultation was the best! Neal’s open and kind personality put me at ease immediately. Do not let how young he looks deter you. He is extremely knowledgeable of government retirement! I was so happy to leave with a much better understanding of where I stood in my retirement goals. I now have financial clarity that has put my mind at ease.

Ada T.

Mr. Thompson is tangible, down-to-earth and very easy to talk to.  He is clearly an expert in his field, and I’m grateful for the snapshot I received in this first meeting. With fewer than 10 years before I retire, I believe his guidance will be as valuable as it is reassuring.

Michelle V.

As a federal employee nearing retirement, the three qualities that led me to work with Neal Thompson are his unmatched knowledge of the federal pay and retirement system, his judicious advice, and, perhaps most importantly for me, his outstanding client care. He listens, is thoughtful in his responses and never condescends. Even as his business has thrived and expanded, Neal still finds time and makes the effort to maintain a quality client relationship with me.

Brandon I.

I met with Neal to discuss my federal retirement plans. He was very knowledgeable and was able to explain my benefits and provided information concerning different options. If you are a federal employee, you can’t go wrong talking to Neal and gaining his expert advice to make sure you plan for your retirement accordingly.

Brian O.

Working for the Federal Government can be extremely rewarding, but the complexities of the various retirement options can be daunting. I first started working with Neal in mid-career, and his advice was instrumental in me making wise decisions as my career progressed. Thanks to Neal’s wealth of knowledge on Federal retirement programs, I was able to confidently and comfortably retire recently.

Steve S.

Neal has been a great resource for myself as I near closer to retirement. His knowledge with the federal retirement system and investment tools has been very beneficial to me and my wife. He is very calm about he goes about his business and provides the necessary information for you to make good financial decisions.

Tom G.

The fact that Neal is very educated, specifically as it pertains to Fed benefits, has made all the difference for me. I value him, appreciate him, and need him to coach me out of working for the federal government and retire! The minute it makes sense financially. I give thanks everyday that I know him. Also, I really appreciate the great attention and service he provides.

Amy S.

After attending the personal meeting with Neal, I feel more at peace in planning my retirement. Before meeting with him, I was deeply concerned as to my financial retirement future which has been causing increased stress as I retire in two years from now. Now I am comfortable with the upcoming retirement. After seeing 1st hand Neal’s knowledge and competence, I fully plan to have him manage my retirement. This was by far the most informative retirement briefing I have ever attended.

Richard M.

My wife and I, both career Federal employees, first heard about Neal Thompson a few years before our normal retirement age.  His analysis and clear explanation of our financial situation gave us the confidence we needed to accept an early retirement opportunity. I wish we had been able to benefit from his guidance earlier in our careers…

Randy K.

I was able to feel completely confident in moving forward with my planned retirement after almost 40 years with the federal government because of working with Neal and his professional team. His expertise, thorough knowledge of the federal government retirement system, and stellar customer service has helped me realize many of my short term and long term retirement goals.

Marlynn S.



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