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About Us

We Are Passionate About Helping Federal Employees Create Smarter Retirement Plans.

There is certainly no shortage of financial professionals that specialize in serving business owners, executives and high net worth families, however as a federal employee chances are you have come to the painful realization that it is very challenging to find someone that understands the complexities of your FERS or CSRS benefits.

We help you avoid potentially devastating mistakes or elections that could cost you thousands of dollars over the course of your retirement.

Additionally we frequently  host Federal Retirement Workshops at our Scottsdale office as a service to the Federal Employee community.


Meet The Founder

Neal Thompson helps hundreds of federal employees yearly plan and prepare for the retirement lifestyle they have worked so hard to achieve. Because of his focused experience of both FERS and CSRS benefits Neal has hosted and presented retirement planning workshops in Arizona, Nevada and California for hundreds of federal employees at numerous government agencies and departments.

Have Questions? We Can Help!

  • What day should I retire?
  • Do I need to use my TSP for income?
  • What is my minimum retirement age?
  • When should I retire in order to receive the highest benefit?
  • What is my monthly annuity income (FERS/CSRS) when I retire?
  • Am I doing everything I can now to maximize retirement Benefits?
  • What retirement system am I under?
  • Should I make deposits or re-deposits?
  • Do I need to choose a survivor at retirement?
  • When should I begin taking Social Security benefits?
  • What withdrawal option should I plan to take at retirement?

Creating Peace Of Mind By

Simplifying Your Federal Retirement