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FEGLI Replacement

We take federal employees covered under the Federal Employee Group Life Insurance plan and help convert them over to low cost term level premium life insurance with highly rated insurance carriers.

This provides federal employees with an inexpensive route to protecting loved ones. To the surprise of many federal employee FEGLI option B costs increase by 2254% from age 45 to age 75! Every five years after the age of 45 premiums increase significantly which is why so many federal employees make the switch to low cost level term life insurance.

Learn if you can replace your FEGLI policy with a less costly policy.


What Is FEGLI?

In 1954 the Federal Government established the Federal Employee Group Life Insurance (FEGLI) Program. It is the largest group life insurance program in the world with over 4 million federal employees, retirees and their family members. As Federal Employees that are enrolled in the Federal Employee Group Life Insurance.

Is FEGLI Affordable?

According the comptroller General of the United States private sector insurance programs typically cost less and provides greater coverage than the FEGLI program.

What is The cost of FEGLI option B?

FEGLI option B goes up 2254% from age 45 to age 75! The cost increases significantly every five years once you reach age 35.

Can I replace or cancel my FEGLI benefits?

You are able to cancel and replace your FEGLI benefits any time. Here is a link to the form you need to submit to your human resources office:


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