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Do IRAs Actually Have Lower Fees than the TSP? An "Apples to Apples Cost Comparison"

For federal employees approaching retirement, there are a lot of questions and considerations to take into account. One of the more well-known and frequently asked questions involves the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP), specifically whether you should leave your retirement savings in the TSP or move them to an IRA. It’s a weighted question and one that often causes confusion with all the varying opinions and biased information out there. In an effort to simplify, let’s compare the TSP vs. IRA by solely focusing on the costs, since that’s what most folks are concerned with anyways.

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Rolling Over Your Thrift Savings Plan

If you have separated from service or you are still an employee and over the age of 59.5 you are able to rollover a portion or all of your TSP balance to a Traditional IRA with no tax implications.

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Neal was wonderful and very informative.

Kim M.

Great information on TSP withdrawals and Social Security. Thanks so much.

Sean J.

Very informative, answered all my questions.

Carol C.

The TSP presentation was very informative.

David S.

The breakdown of the TSP accounts was very helpful.

Sabrina S.

Thorough. Very knowledgeable on fed retirement system.

Joe S.

Enjoyed the information on the TSP and learned a lot about the penalties I was previously unaware of.

Anthony F.

Neal is extremely knowledgeable and explained everything very well.

Robyn O.

Everything was presented in a nice simple package.

Latosha T.

Neal touched information on all that is important.

Mary E.

Great presentation. I’ve been to 3 and learn more each time.

Alicia M.

Neal is a phenomenal instructor. He is very knowledgeable and helpful.

David P.

Wish I’d attended this kind of seminar years ago.

Shannon K.

I have learned more about my retirement options than I have ever known before.  Presenter was excellent.

Enedina M.

I really enjoyed this seminar. This should be done when a person starts working.

Bertha L.

Very interesting. I’m glad I attended.

Yolanda E.

Information was clearly presented, and targeted well to feds.

Lon W.

Best retirement seminar! All info was great and helped me understand retirement planning better. Neal Thompson did an outstanding presentation – excellent seminar.

Alexis V.

I learned about many factors that I have not considered before.

Robert S.

You explain everything very well and even though I have heard your presentations before, I always learn something new.

Jackie L.

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Recognized as one of the premier retirement planning advisors for federal employees, Neal has conducted countless retirement training workshops since 2009 helping federal employees, covered by CSRS or FERS, get the most out of their retirement.

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