Goodbye L 2020, Hello 5 Year Lifecycle Funds

For the first time in over 15 years the Thrift Savings Plan is coming out with a new lineup. To give you a quick recap the S and I fund were introduced to the TSP in 2001 and our first, now retired, Lifecycle fund L 2010 in 2005.

With L 2020 moving into retirement today and new five-year increment Lifecycle funds being available its a good time to learn and review your fund options.

As you may already know, each L Fund is made up entirely of the five core funds, G, F,C,S and I in different allocations. These target date funds automatically adjust to more stable funds as you get closer to the time you plan to retire.

The new lineup consists of L Income, L 2025, L 2030, L 2035, L 2040, L 2045, L 2050, L 2055, L 2060 and lastly L 2065.
If you have questions on your TSP allocations or if these new Lifecycle funds are right for you please get in touch.